The Criteria of Riding Attraction

Fuji-Q Highland has established usage standards for each Attraction order to protect customers' safety.

【About the use of Attraction 】
· When you need support when using it, we ask for support from the attendant.
· Depending on age, height, health condition, disability content, you can not use it if you can sit alone on the vehicle and you can not maintain a stable posture.
· Children of preschool children (over 1 year old) need attendants when using Attraction .
* It is a person who is a mentally and physically healthy junior high school student (12 years old and over) who is clearing the height restriction with the attendant.

[Information for Customers with Disabilities]
・ Please feel free to Contact Us staff member when you need help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the staff.

【About Emergency】
* Independent gait is that walking by one person is possible without support of the attendant.
· Those who can not evacuate even with ancillary assistance in case of emergency can not be used.
· Each emergency departure method will be different for each Attraction , so each staff will explain.

Service Guide

Service List provided on Fuji-Q Highland and usage criteria.