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Thomas' Dokidoki Playground

  • Family Rides

"Sodo maintenance plant" is a motif indoor playground!

  • Nico Nico Point

500 yen

Riding capacity

100 people

Time required

One time 30 minute system

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

None * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Thomas Land
  • Available for 65 years and older
  • Available in rainy weather
  • Also available for people with foot disabilities


Usage criteria

Thomas' Dokidoki Playground is a concept of "Sodo Maintenance Factory" where gatherings gather for maintenance.
You can enjoy various play depending on age, such as Percy's athletic, baby Park Area with a small ball pool, and playtime with everyone playing according to work and music.

There is also a baby room in the building, so it is an indoor type playground that you can play with peace of mind even on rainy days with young children.


Supervised by Professor Hiroko Odani "Play time with everyone"

Through play, feelings and the challenge of "Let's do it!", "Once again Challenge the feeling to work positively, such as trying to" will come sprout from children. If the favorite you out Thomas Land be enjoyed together, the it will be a lifetime of treasure for the family.

«Hiroko Odani»
Tokyo completed the University Graduate School of Medicine Ph.D., a doctorate (medicine). An expert on childcare engineering that captures childcare scientifically.