Thomas Rooms

Let's stay until the morning with Thomas and friends!


Street address

Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida, Shin-Nishihara 5-6-1


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" Thomas Rooms " Information

■ Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan
■ Telephone: 0555-22-1000
■ Budget: weekday / holiday 47000 yen ~ (per room)
■ Distance to Highland: "Fuji-Q Highland" Directly Connected

The Thomas room in " HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa " is a lodging room that expresses "Thomas the Tank Engine" world view. There are 8 rooms in total. Every room is filled with thomas of Thomas, including wallpaper and bed cover, to lamp shade.

The "Thomas Room" which is a tasteful thing is supposed to be immersed in the world of "Thomas and Friends" just by staying there, and it should be exciting. Please spend a wonderful time with all your family!

Thomas party set "(10,800 yen for 2 adults and 1 child for one) is available only for those staying in" Thomas Room "! "See and eat" Delicious meals are plentiful in volume, children are provided with kids plate with Thomas cake. Please enjoy with your whole family.


How to enjoy "Thomas Room"

James and passenger's room

Room featuring Thomas' popular Character 'James'. Living space which imaged the passenger car · car window, original curtain, dining table etc, I am particular about James to detail, expressing the world view.

Thomas and Tidomus kikan This room

The symbol of the room is "Thomas above the truck." The theme is "Tidemasuki Kanko" where the whole room can be said to be the house of Thomas and the aliens. There are lots of fun as if you went into the storehouse!

Percy's Sodeu Island visit room

When you enter the room, you first jump into your eyes "Percy"! It can act as a sofa and spend the whole day with a percy that will be a bed in the evening. The room is decorated with a large Sodo island map.

Station-themed rooms

Taking the sort of "Napford station" on Sodou Island, Thomas and Percy reproduce the scenes that are going well. Also the magnificent Mt. Fuji figure from the room!

Luxury liner and rooms with the theme of harbor

I recreate the cabin of a luxurious passenger boat that visited Sodoe Island. The Character relief at the upper part of the bed expresses the critics who will welcome customers at the port of Sodou.

Thomas and Hiro's Express Cars Room

A special room that imagined a special tailored "first class room" driven by legendary locomotive "Hiro". Among the passenger cars, it is a space that you can enjoy the world of Hiro's "first-class room" such as a dining table car's dining table and a sleeping car bed.

Top of the Lord Sir Ham Hat

You can taste the atmosphere of being in the room of Sir Ham Hat Hat, the station where the Nakamas are coming and going. Thomas, Gordon, Percy, James relief relief is also a part of happy feelings directing.

Gordon Hill Rooms

"Who is the fastest competition!" It is a room depicting Thomas, Gordon, James running through Sword 's "Gordon Hill".