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Privacy policy

Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter “Fuji-Q”) implements the same privacy policies as Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. and all companies belonging to the Fujikyu Group. Fuji-Q strictly obeys the laws and other standards concerning the protection of personal information of visitors and business partners etc., and implements its own voluntary rules and regime under consideration of International trends. Fuji-Q therefore lays down the following Privacy Policy and declares its continued implementation.


Principle for the Usage of Personal Information

Personal information is used only for the designated purposes of collection and only by authorized persons when deemed necessary for the execution of business.

Prohibited Matter

About the Handling of Personal Information

​ ​Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter “Fuji-Q”), Fuji-Q acknowledges that information which can be used to identify our guests (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) upon using Fuji-Q’s website is of uttermost value and will be carefully handled as outlined below.

About the Purpose of Personal Information Collection

For the provision of our services, Fuji-Q might ask guests to enter and send personal information, and collect this information. The information obtained through our website will be handled with care and used for no other purposes than the hospital reception of our guests and other necessary business operations. The details are as outlined below.

Display of Personal Information to Third Parties

Fuji-Q appropriately handles the personal information obtained from our guests and will not provide it to third parties without seeking consent of the guest in advance. However, please note that in the following cases data might be displayed to third parties.

The contents of this page are general guidelines concerning the handling of personal information, and there may be additional content depending on the information to be provided.

Items regarding the Procedures for Requesting Disclosure etc.

(1) When making a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion, please specify the retained personal data in question.Please note that personal information that falls under the following categories will not be subject to disclosure. Please note that this is not the case. If we decide that your information will not be subject to disclosure, we will notify you to that effect and explain the reason.

(2) Documents (forms) etc. to be submitted when making a “request for disclosure, etc.”
When making a "request for disclosure, etc.", please print out the following application form, fill in and seal the prescribed items, enclose the documents for identity verification, and mail it to the following address.

(3) Request for disclosure etc. by agent

In case the person making the request for disclosure etc. is the legal representative of the person concerned, a person under age, or an adult ward; or by a proxy entrusted by the person concerned, then the attach the following documents (1. or 2.) in addition to the documents specified in (2).

(4) Fees for “requests for disclosure, etc.” and how to collect them

(5) Where to request disclosure, etc.

Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida, Shin-Nishihara 5-6-1
Fuji-Q Highland Corporation General Affairs Department

(6) How to respond to “requests for disclosure, etc.”

We will send the reply to the address filled in by the applicant in the application form. The reply will be sent in general within 4 weeks after the day the request has been confirmed by Fuji-Q.

(7) "Purpose of use" of personal information obtained in connection with requests for disclosure, etc.

The personal information obtained through the request for disclosure etc. will be used only to the extent necessary for processing the request. Upon replying to the request for disclosure etc. the submitted documents will be disposed of in an appropriate way without delay.

Items regarding the Reception Window for “Complaints”

About the Storage of Personal Information

The personal information received from our guests will only be stored for a record of services provided, and will be deleted after the passage of a fixed period of time.

About Safety Measures

About the Administration of Personal Information

We store and manage personal data and take measures to prevent their divulgation to the outside.