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About Fuji-Q Highland

Amusement park filled with world-class entertainments that both young people and family can enjoy.

In 1969, Fuji-Q Highland started its history as an amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji surrounded by the magnificent nature. It was a grand opening of an amusement park business of Fujikyu Corp. Currently, there are nearly 40 kinds of attractions in the park, many attractions are certified as Guinness world record, and you can enjoy a various amusement while watching Mt. Fuji. In the park, There is a “Thomas Land” that the only outdoors Thomas and Friends-themed park in Japan, also a there is a theme park " La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa " The world’s first them park of the France-born, popular picture book characters, Gaspard and Lisa. Whether old or young, men or women, it will be enjoyable, no matter what you are looking for.

Scary rides are not the only things that are interesting. Since its opening, we have had dynamic events as our selling points. They started out as “Big Flying Circus” or “Big Automobile Circus”, and “Rock Kids” in 1989 and “American Kids” in 1990 were a turning point to musical events, and now we are having “Sound Conifer229”, which is entertaining a lot of people.

In order for a lot of people to enjoy, Fuji-Q Highland values seasonal events and, at the same time, aims to improve as an amusement park that is entertaining for all the generations throughout the year.​ ​

With the Guinness World Records,​ ​

Fuji-Q Highland, having started as the Fuji Goko International Skating Center in 1961, started. In 1964, it called "Fuji Rama Park". And in 1969, It officially opened as "Fuji-Q Highland". Since then, the park took advantage of vast scale that no other parks have. We have been pursuing to be "the best park in the world" now.

In 1996, "FUJIYAMA", which was certified a Guinness World Record for the height, the difference in elevation and the speed, opened, and started "Dodonpa", which was the fastest at 172km/h at that time in 2001 and "Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear", which was the longest-running haunted house in the world. In 2006, we started a roller coaster "Eejanaika", which has the highest number of spins in the world, and in 2008 started "Nagashimasuka", whose signature is the world's largest lucky cat pair covered with gold leaves, which is certified as the biggest lucky cat in the world. In 2011, the Guinness-certified roller coaster "Takabisha", which had the steepest drop in the world at 121°, was opened, and in 2017, roller coaster "Dodonpa" was renewed to "Do・dodonpa", which has the world's fastest acceleration.​ ​

In 1998, the first outdoor theme park based on Thomas and Friends in Japan, "Thomas Land" was opened. And in 2013, the first theme park "La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa" was opened based on "Lisa and Gaspard". As it is a big amusement park that has various entertainment facilities in the area, many customers are enjoying it.

Who is disturbing the peace in the park! It is Screaming Squadron Highlander

The official mascot on Fuji-Q Highland, as you all know, is Screaming Squadron Highlander! It consists of six members, "Eejanaika Red", "FUJIYAMA Blue", "DODONPA Pink", "Tondemina Green", "Nagashimasuka Yellow" and "Takabisha Gold", and they call themselves "heroes", just disturbing the peace in the park day and night.

If you are thinking that they are heroes, it is a big mistake. Their line is "Do not think we are on the side of justice". They are going Fuji-Q Highland whimsically and wandering around the park. According to what people say, "unwilling heroes" are not seeking smiles of everyone in the park but their screams. Even if someone is in trouble, they will not help you. It is an ugly "Jukker" army that protects the peace within the park. Their boss is "Jukai alien". He brings the justice and is a leader who makes every guest in the park peaceful. All of the Jukkers are also all good people.​ ​

Screaming Squadron Highlander vs. Jukkers! The battle of the Jukker army to wipe out Screaming Squadron Highlander, who disturbs the peace within the park, has only just begun. They are everywhere. If you see them in the park, I promise that you will be happy all the time. Also, There are 40 kinds of "LINE stamp" are available on LINE.