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Employment information

At Fuji-Q Highland in order to give our customers ``always joy and excitement,'' we are developing a variety of measures based on safety and security so that you can take home the best memories.

Industry-leading DX promotion including facial recognition, numerous Attraction unparalleled in the world, restaurants with trendy food and drinks, popular sweets from the Tokyo metropolitan area, Yamanashi and Shizuoka, original products from our park, Yamanashi Prefecture A store with a wide variety of local wines and other products is located on a vast site of 500,000 square meters at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

In order for our park to go beyond the framework of an "amusement park" and be reborn as a "super amusement city," we are in need of the power of "staff who are highly motivated and think things through!"
I am looking forward to working with such a person.

We are looking forward to your application! !!

Hiring new graduates

~ The world's highest Shrill Attraction and excitement ~
Since the grand opening in 1969, Fuji-Q Highland has been sticking to "the best in the world" and has continued to take on various challenges.
In the future, we will continue to take on further challenges, with safety and security as our top priority, with the aim of becoming a "super amusement city."

We are looking for people with new ideas and ideas, and above all, a strong desire to entertain people.

We are looking forward to meeting you with many hopes.

Mid-career recruitment

At Fuji-Q Highland, we aim to become the world's best amusement city, and we are looking for people to join us in the challenge.

We hope that you will make the most of your experience at Fuji-Q Highland.
We look forward to a lot of your application.

Employment of part-time job (crew)

Fuji-Q Highland is looking for crew to work with.
We are looking for applications from people who have a strong desire to work in a space that makes them feel happy and like talking to people.

job description

Here are some of my jobs at Fuji-Q Highland.

The person you want

We look forward to meeting friends who have the desire to entertain our customers.

Company profile / history

Introducing the company profile and history of Fuji-Q Highland.

Education system

Educational training and training by rank and occupation are substantial!


Lots of benefits unique to Fuji-Q Highland!