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Standards for using Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey

Attraction overview

Time required: 1 minute 32 seconds
Riding capacity: 2 people
Course total length 440.7m
Maximum speed: 37.5km / h
Height: 23m
Maximum acceleration: 1.5G

Attraction characteristics

It is a fierce coaster that repeats a sudden rise, a sudden descent, and a sudden stop.

Usage criteria for Attraction

For safe use, we have set boarding standards for each Attraction in our park.
The following conditions are emphasized when deciding whether or not to board.

About emergencies

The staff will explain about emergencies.
In an emergency, it is necessary to evacuate including stairs, step up and down, and long-distance travel by walking on your own. In addition, you may have to wait for a long time in the Attraction.

Those who need an attendant

Height Restriction

Those who are 100 cm or more and less than 190 cm can use it.
* Persons with a height of 100 cm to less than 110 cm need an attendant.

Age Restriction

There is no such thing.
* Preschool children need an attendant.

Those who cannot use

About boarding posture

Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey two-seater Attraction.
① Grab the safety bar next to you
② Stretch your back
③ Firmly fluff with your feet

① Grab the front safety cushion
② Stretch your back
③ Firmly fluff with your feet

Please consult the staff for the following people

People wearing prosthetic arms and legs

Requests when using Attraction

Those with an assisting dog (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)

Assisting dogs are not allowed.