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Despair Fortress -IMPOSSIBLE GAMES-

  • Challenges

Survive from the mysterious red mansion built by the mysterious person "Z"!

  • Desperation point
  • Difficult point
  • Pounding point

1,500 yen

Riding capacity

1 to 3 people

Time required

About 30 minutes~

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

Elementary school and above *Elementary school students must be accompanied by junior high school students and above

  • Available for Priority Ticket
  • Available for 65 years and older
  • Available in rainy weather


Usage criteria

"Despair Fortress" is an impregnable capture Attraction that has continued to despair a total of 3.2 million challengers.
In this "Despair Fortress -IMPOSSIBLE GAMES-", the aim is to survive the red mansion built by the mysterious person "Z", clear the difficult game using the body and mind, and proceed to the next stage.

Rumor has it that the world's greatest show can be seen in the red mansion built by the mysterious person "Z"...
According to the rules created by "Z", the challenger must clear all the difficult games in order to get out of the mansion alive.

Can you clear all the games and return alive safely?
"Your despair is my hope."
We look forward to more challengers!

*Desperation Fortress -IMPOSSIBLE GAMES- is subject to change without prior notice due to owner Z's wishes. Please note.


Use your body and brain to survive from the mysterious mansion!