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Sky Cycle

  • Family Rides

Take a bicycle and walk around the garden in the air!

  • The scenery point
  • Pounding point
  • Healing point

800 yen

Riding capacity

2 people

Time required

About 5 minutes

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

4 years old ~ * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Available for 65 years and older


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

■ Course length: 336 m
■ Height: 5 m on average

Heartwarming system Attraction is cute as well. As its name suggests, we will go on a course of 1.8 m to 6.3 m above the ground with two people riding a bicycle.

On the way of 336m in length, you can go near the "Red Drop Tower", go around the park in the park, and go through the deep green forest. If you go around the park at a leisurely pace, you should be able to refresh your mind and body.

Do you enjoy with your family? Do you enjoy with friends? Would you hurry up for a time to talk with important people? Want to spend romantic while watching the illumination inside the park? The way to enjoy it depends on you. You can enjoy it according to your mood and situation.

Precautions when boarding

≪About boarding posture≫
Always on board

Please be aware of this before boarding.

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall while driving, which is extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage in the locker provided at the platform before boarding.


Fellow friends welcome

As you can see, the design of the two-seater bike treated with lovely forest animals. A red fox, a rabbit, a squirrel, a bear, a deer in a green raccoon dog. Why do not you find your favorite animal?

Loose walk in the air!

This is the attraction of the book Attraction where the landscape changes every time it travels a total length of 336 m. You can encounter the scenery "Only you know" that you do not notice by just walking in the park. As you advance in the shade, you relax without mind and body.

Shrill Attraction machine is fine, but it's not bad to spend a relaxed time. “What ’s next? It is a great Attraction for such a strategy meeting.