Fuji-Q Highland Fuji-Q Highland

Red Drop Tower

  • Thrill Rides

Vertical fall from maximum speed 65 km / h, height 52 m!

  • Shrill Attraction point
  • The scenery point
  • Pounding point

800 yen

Riding capacity

12 people

Time required


Height Restriction

130 cm to

Age Restriction

~ 64 years old * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Height restricted

Freefall type Attraction
Maximum acceleration 4G that stops at a height of 50m and repeats rapid descent and rapid rise
Freefall type Attraction, sudden descents, sudden rises, sudden stops


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

Height ■: 52 m
■ Maximum speed: 65 km / h
Maximum G: 4.0 G

A vertical drop from a height of 52m at a maximum speed of 65km / h! At that moment, enjoy the zero-gravity conditions, such as if they were spacewalks, the moment Shrill Attraction based Tower Attraction. You can experience the thrill that you can not experience in everyday life.

Highlights are not at the moment of vertical fall. While climbing slowly towards the summit, I was able to see Fujiyoshida City overlooking Mt. Fuji in front of my eyes, depending on the seating position of the four-way seats for several seconds at the top. You can fully enjoy the scenery in a pounding feeling that you do not know when it falls. Actually it is more scary than falling!

It rests at the top and falls at once after a few seconds. Suddenly there is no support, and at that moment you can feel the body floating from the seat. Maximum weight is 4G.

Precautions when boarding

≪About boarding posture≫
Red Drop Tower is an Attraction that repeatedly soars and descends.

Always on board
Please be aware of "put your [head] behind."

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall and be extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage in the locker provided at the platform before boarding.

≪For fun and safe use≫
① Please take off your shoes that are easy to take off after you sit down.
(After driving, the seat will return to its original position.)
② If you cannot get the correct boarding posture due to your hairstyle or hair accessories, please untie your hair.

*If you are unable to fully rest your head on the headrest due to a hairstyle such as a ponytail or hair accessories, please retie your hair before boarding, remove hair accessories, etc., and leave them in the locker.


A view of Saiko!

I want to see Mt. Fuji from a higher place, I want to see the whole view of the park, I want to know the outside of Fuji-Q Highland and I want to enjoy the night view. For those who like, “ Red Drop Tower ” is recommended. While heading over 50m, you can meet a large panorama at the top.

Thrill you do not know when it falls

In general, free fall-type Attraction that enjoy vertical fall have a countdown at the top. But in the case of “ Red Drop Tower ”, it suddenly descends without a countdown. When will it fall? Contrary to the preeminent view that spreads out in front of you, the throbbing feeling is amplified.