Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear ~ accommodating ward story ~

The longest & most terrible horror house ever!


  • Screamer point

  • Pounding point

  • Goose-skin point

  • Height restriction

  • age limit

    Elementary school students and above ※ Primary school children need to be accompanied by parents of junior high school students
  • Price

    Customers with a free pass: 4,000 yen / group (4 people), 3,000 yen / group (up to 3 people), customers who do not have a free pass: 8,000 yen / group (up to 4 people) * 1 set Up to 4 people *Attraction From 30 minutes before the start of business * Charges vary during busy periods such as busy periods
  • Riding capacity

  • Time required

    About 50 minutes
Available in Rainy Day


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" Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear - Contained Ward Hen ~" Information

■ Building: 2 stories (some middle floor)
■ walking distance: about 900m
※ It can not be used with a free pass.
* Elementary school students must accompany parents of junior high school students or above.
※ Not available for preschool children.
* Ticket sales will be from 30 minutes before the Attraction business starts.

The world's largest Horror Attraction that has evolved several times and has given terror to more than 4 million people. The stage is an isolated ward vacation site where former human experiences were repeatedly repeated for patients. While going through the various fears to attack, the operating room which took out the internal organs from a stumble patient, the neonatal room which touched the baby just recently, etc., passed through the many rooms in which a horrible incident occurred, proceeding a total length of 900 m To go.

When entering the foot under the underpass ahead, the "accommodating ward" was stretched across the grid so that patients could not escape ...
The ghosts of patients who once had a deadly death habit and inspire people's fear.

People who retire from the frightening side of their fears are continuing! In the middle of the street, not only visual but also a lot of gifts to stimulate the five senses.
I am waiting for you wanting to be a trauma.


How to enjoy " Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear - Containing Ward Hen ~"

Fear experience with five senses

There are plenty of ways to stimulate hearing and tactile sensation, as well as numerous dead bodies that shake the viewer. The moaning coming from nowhere, the smell of disinfectant remaining in the hospital. On the way, a lot of fears come closer to the senses.

A story of a silly tear!

The stage is a waste hospital where there was a "detention ward" that kept confusing human subjects and confined the patient. In the past hospital it was said that there were a lot of patients who became prey by repeated hunting human experiments. What kind of path did the patients follow? The "darkness" hidden in the huge hospital became apparent ... ....