Fuji-Q Highland Fuji-Q Highland

戦慄迷宮 ~闇に蠢く病棟~

  • Horrors


  • Shrill Attraction point
  • Pounding point
  • Goose-skin point


Riding capacity


Time required

About 50 minutes

Height Restriction


Age Restriction


  • Available in rainy weather

A haunted house where you can walk over 900m in total length
Walk-through Attraction /darkness


Usage criteria

usage fee

Attraction overview

■ Building: 2 stories (some middle floor)
■ walking distance: about 900m

Horror attraction Attraction that has evolved many times and has given fear. The world's most terrifying haunted house, which celebrates its 19th year since the 2003 "Chow Shock Labyrinth", will restart with a "return to origin". The walking distance is about 900m, which is the largest ever. The route has been completely changed, and new terrifying rooms such as the "decayed morgue" and "bloody medical linen room" have appeared. Please take on the challenge of the world's scariest test of courage, set in the "closed Jikyu General Hospital at the foot of Mt. Fuji".

The total length of the course is 900m. It takes 50 minutes. Please challenge the world's longest and most fearful haunted house.

People who retire from the frightening side of their fears are continuing! In the middle of the street, not only visual but also a lot of gifts to stimulate the five senses.
I am waiting for you wanting to be a trauma.


Fear experience with five senses

There are plenty of ways to stimulate hearing and tactile sensation, as well as numerous dead bodies that shake the viewer. The moaning coming from nowhere, the smell of disinfectant remaining in the hospital. On the way, a lot of fears come closer to the senses.

A story of a silly tear!

The stage is a waste hospital where there was a "detention ward" that kept confusing human subjects and confined the patient. In the past hospital it was said that there were a lot of patients who became prey by repeated hunting human experiments. What kind of path did the patients follow? The "darkness" hidden in the huge hospital became apparent ... ....