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Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster

  • Thrill Rides

The highest total number of revolutions in the world! Turn round and round Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster!

  • Shrill Attraction point
  • The scenery point
  • Rotation point

2,000 yen

Riding capacity

20 people per organization

Time required

About 2 minutes

Height Restriction

125 cm to 200 cm

Age Restriction

~54 years old *Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school age or older

  • Available for Priority Ticket
  • Height restricted

4 major coasters
A ferocious coaster that boasts the highest number of revolutions in the world
Coaster type Attraction, sudden rise, sudden descent, sharp turn, sudden acceleration


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

■ Course length: 1,153 m
■ Total number of revolutions: 14 times
■ Top section: 76 m
■ Maximum speed: 126 km / h
■ Maximum acceleration: 3.67G

While traveling, the seat rotates forward and backward, and the direction of travel changes forward and backward! Since appeared in July 2006, "we continue to increase the fan at irregular movement such as overturn the common sense of the coaster Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster".
During the ride, there are three types of rotation: ``the seat rotates back and forth,'' ''loops and turns,'' and ``turns with a twist. rice field
Why do not you open the door of the new experience zone?

Precautions when boarding

≪About boarding posture≫
Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster is a ferocious coaster with the highest total number of revolutions in the world.

Always on board
① [Head] Press the head against the headrest
② [Safety bar] Hold the safety bar to support your body
③ [Foot] Press the calf

Please be aware of the three points when boarding.

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall while driving, which is extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage in the locker provided at the platform before boarding.
In addition, if it is Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster, you will have to take off your shoes before boarding. Please leave your shoes in the locker.

≪For fun and safe use≫
① Please take off your shoes and leave them in the locker.
(2) Be sure to remove the necklace as it may shake and be damaged or injured.
③ If you cannot get the correct boarding posture due to your hairstyle or hair accessories, please untie your hair.

* Customers who cannot completely attach their head to the headrest due to hairstyles such as ponytails and hair accessories should tie their hair again before boarding, remove the hair accessories, and leave them in the locker.

Usage criteria



Highest inclination angle and speed

The first drop right after departure is masterpiece! When it reaches the highest point of 76 m above the ground, it is rolled up by the conveyor backwards ...... Dive to the ground straight ahead! With a maximum angle of about 89 degrees, running down at a stroke while rotating forward by 65 meters, the speed reached 126 km / h!

Rotation of seat × rotation of course = mysterious group grocery experience

The biggest feature of "Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster" is that the seat rotates forward and backward while driving. The total number of rotations = 14 rotations, combined with the course loop and twist, and the rotation of this seat, was certified as a world record.

The rails can not be seen from the seat and the feet also hang around!

Because the direction of running with the feet thrown out like a swing changes, the thrill of the climax and the sensation of swimming in the sky penetrate the body! This mysterious sensation is difficult to express in words, so please check it out. And scream, “ Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster!”!