Shutatsu! Harold's Sky Patrol

Depart for an air journey with Harold!

Family Rides

  • Refreshing points

  • Nico Nico Point

  • The scenery point

  • Rotation point

  • Pounding point

  • Height Restriction

  • Age Restriction

    None * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above
  • Price

    500 yen
  • Riding capacity

  • Time required

Thomas Land 65歳以上利用可


Information on "Shuppatsu! Harold's Sky Patrol"


The image of a base "Sodo over rescue center" of the hero Harold of the sky, this colorful design eye-catching Attraction, the guest of everyone riding in Harold is a member of the rescue workers, along with Thomas Land to patrol the Attraction is.
With a shout of "Let's go on a patrol on Sodor Island on Harold! Departure progress!" I will.


How to enjoy "Shuppatsu! Harold's Sky Patrol"

Rise to a height of 7 meters! Let's patrol Thomas Land from the sky!

Become a member of the rescue workers, ride to Harold, together Thomas Land trying to patrol!
Climb up to a height of 7m, put on fun music, and enjoy an exhilarating air travel