Fuji Airways

Even rain will take off! Fuji's appeal with "five senses"

Family Rides

  • Exciting point

  • Refreshing points

  • Shrill Attraction point

  • Height Restriction

    110 cm 〜
  • Age Restriction

    4 years old ~ * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above
  • Price

    1,500 yen
  • Riding capacity

    40 people
  • Time required

Available for Priority Ticket 65歳以上利用可 雨天時利用可 足に障がいのある方も利用可 身長制限有





“ Fuji Airways - 4D Ride ” information


Screen diameter: 20 m

“ Fuji Airways - 4D Ride ” appeared in 2014 as Japan's first flight simulation ride. This is an Attraction that offers an overwhelming scale flying experience, with images of Mt. Fuji projected on a huge screen that wraps around the seat.

In the renewal of July 2016, newly added images taken with the 6K camera, motor paraglider and drone, so that the appearance of Mt. Fuji full of presence and the change of the surrounding season can be felt more.

Due to all weather type Attraction , even if the weather where Mt. Fuji can not be seen does not matter. Fuji which can not be seen usually, such as flight while looking down at Mt. Fuji closely, low-altitude flying at the lake side, and so on. We will deliver an exciting journey to our customers.




How to enjoy Fuji Airways - 4D Ride Airways

Fuji can be experienced with five senses!

The flight images around Mt. Fuji and the seats are interlocked, and various kinds of gimmicks that can feel the winds blowing through the foot of Mt. Fuji, the splashing of the lake surface, the fragrance of the forests and flowers, etc are prepared.

The images during the flight include "Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival", which attracts attention from tourists all over the world, "Shinchurayama Asama Park - Tadashi Tower", "Kitaguchi Motomiya Fuji Asama Shrine" which is the entrance to Mount Fuji Attractions around Mt. Fuji also appear!

Music composed by Mr. Joe Hisaishi!

The music that flows while riding is original song "Mt. Fuji" written down by Mr. Joe Hisaishi, composer representing Japan. The spectacular melody weaving full orchestra makes a direct impression of Mt. Fuji flight.





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