Panic Clock

The movement of the clock is unpredictable! To petit panic!?


  • Refreshing points

  • Screamer point

  • Rotation point

  • Height restriction

    130 cm ~
  • age limit

    ~ 64 years of age ※ Children younger than primary school students need to be accompanied by a guardian above junior high school
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

    32 people
  • Time required

    3 minutes 50 seconds


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" Panic Clock " information

■ Height: 21.5 m
■ Rotation Diameter: 18 m
■ Maximum speed: Approximately 50 km / h
※ It is necessary for parents of junior high school students or higher to accompany parents until grade 4 grades.

Vertical type thrill Attraction . As its name suggests, it rotates 360 degrees vertically, but the movement of the clock (clock) is unpredictable. It is inevitable that unexpected fear comes to disorderly movement!

When I ride in a suspended type that my legs were made to brackle, the ride part started linking the pendulum back and forth. The swing width gradually increases, and finally, it draws a circle of 20 m in diameter at 50 km / h and rotates. After turning 4 to 5 times, stop upside down and stop for a few seconds! Now turn around in the opposite direction for the first time ... ....

Since the appearance in 1999, I advanced the hands of the clock every day, and now this model is very valuable. How about putting a shoulder in front of a Screamer coaster?


How to enjoy " Panic Clock "

Popular with the movement of the ground!

Popular with disorderly vertical rotation movement, it is a popular Attraction . Hard rotation is worth the Challenge .

Sharp appearance that clock (clock) was designed during the day, Illumination which was lighted up at night. It is one of the landmarks of Fuji-Q Highland which forget the flow of time.