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Attraction overview


Attraction characteristics


Usage criteria for Attraction

For safe use, we have set boarding standards for each Attraction in our park.
The following conditions are emphasized when deciding whether or not to board.

About emergencies

The staff will explain about emergencies.
In an emergency, it is necessary to evacuate including stairs, step up and down, and long-distance travel by walking on your own. In addition, you may have to wait for a long time in the Attraction.

Those who need an attendant

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

Available to those aged 54 and under.

Those who cannot use

Please consult the staff for the following people

People wearing prosthetic arms and legs

Requests when using Attraction

About posture at the time of boarding

Always on board
①【首】  頭をヘッドレストに押し付ける
②【背中】 体をシートに押し付ける
③【足】  足を床につけて踏ん張る

Please be aware of the three points when boarding.

Requests for a fun and safe ride

① To protect your neck
Depending on your hairstyle and hair accessories, you may bend forward and hurt your neck.
Please make sure that your head is completely attached to the headrest.
*If you are unable to fully rest your head on the headrest due to a hairstyle such as a ponytail or hair accessories, please retie your hair before boarding, remove hair accessories, etc., and leave them in the locker. .

② To protect your ears
It is accompanied by violent rolling. Please remove pierced earrings, earrings, etc. from the safety bar as they may hurt your ears.

As the knees rise, the safety bar does not go down to the proper position, so you cannot use it in the correct boarding position.
You may have to change your shoes.

Those with an assisting dog (guide dog, service dog, hearing dog)

Assisting dogs are not allowed.