Wave Swinger

Feeling exhilarating aerial swing!


  • Refreshing points

  • Screamer point

  • Rotation point

  • Height restriction

    110 cm ~
  • age limit

    None * Children younger than primary school students need to be accompanied by a parent or child above junior high school
  • Price

    800 yen
  • Riding capacity

    48 people
  • Time required



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" Wave Swinger " information

■ Top section: 10.5 m

Speaking of aerial swings, iron plate Attraction in amusement parks. Fuji-Q Highland offers course as well! The highest attainment point is about 10 m. At first it will speed up slowly and gradually.

You can enjoy the feeling of floating when your feet are away from the earth, the refreshing feeling of turning the wind, the fantastic scenery swaying with the group.

Contrary to the fancy appearance, there is pretty much a thrill. As promised as flying in the sky, promising 1 minute 30 seconds that makes you feel dreamy both mentally and physically.


How to enjoy " Wave Swinger "

Even girls and elementary school students are stingy! Introductory of aerial swing

"Wave swinger" has the highest reach point of about 10 meters, and it is a flying aerial that is easy to enjoy even for people who are not good at height. There are also many repeaters who are being addicted to refreshing feeling like flying in the sky. If you want more stimulation, why do not you challenge the airborne swing " Tekkotsubanchou " with a maximum reach of 47 m?

Ha hoe! The wind that hits the whole body is comfortable!

It is cooler in the summer anyway because it turns around with the whole world while being blown in the wind! In winter, watching the bustle of Ice Skating Rink close, it feels like a flying circle in the snow country. "Ha hoe!", "Yea!" If you raise the tension and shout out and shout out, will cold be blown off !?