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Wave Swinger

  • Family Rides

Feeling exhilarating aerial swing!

  • Refreshing points
  • Shrill Attraction point
  • Rotation point

800 yen

Riding capacity

48 people

Time required


Height Restriction

110 cm 〜

Age Restriction

None * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Available for 65 years and older

Trapeze type Attraction
High-speed rotation at a height of 10 m
Trapeze type Attraction, sharp turn, high speed rotation


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

■ Top section: 10.5 m

Speaking of aerial swings, iron plate Attraction in amusement parks. Fuji-Q Highland offers course as well! The highest attainment point is about 10 m. At first it will speed up slowly and gradually.

You can enjoy the feeling of floating when your feet are away from the earth, the refreshing feeling of turning the wind, the fantastic scenery swaying with the group.

Contrary to the fancy appearance, there is pretty much a thrill. As promised as flying in the sky, promising 1 minute 30 seconds that makes you feel dreamy both mentally and physically.

Precautions when boarding

≪About boarding posture≫
Wave Swinger is an Attraction that spins at high speed in the sky.
Always on board

Please be aware of the three points when boarding.

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall while driving, which is extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage on the central shelf before boarding.

≪For fun and safe use≫
Those who cannot maintain the correct boarding posture, those who cannot sit in the seat due to their physique and hairstyle,
And those who cannot fix the restraint device cannot use it.


Even girls and elementary school students are stingy! Introductory of aerial swing

The highest point of "Wave Swinger" is about 10m, and it is a trapeze that is easy to enjoy even for people who are not good at height. Many repeaters are addicted to the exhilaration of flying in the sky. If you want more stimulation, why not try the Tekkotsubanchou - Sky Tower Swinger

Ha hoe! The wind that hits the whole body is comfortable!

It's cool in the summer because it spins around while taking in the wind with your whole body! If you raise your tension and scream with all your might, "Hyaho!", "Yeah!", The cold will blow away !?