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Tentekomai - Sky Roller

  • Thrill Rides

You can control! Rotating Shrill Attraction Attraction

  • Shrill Attraction point
  • The scenery point
  • Rotation point

1,500 yen

Riding capacity

24 people

Time required

3 minutes

Height Restriction


Age Restriction

~ 64 years old * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Available for Priority Ticket
  • Height restricted

Acrobatic Shrill Attraction Attraction
An Attraction that rotates violently sideways while turning at high speed at a height of 32 m
Operated Attraction, sharp turn / sudden rise / sudden descent


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

■ Tower Height: 39 m
■ Highest arrival point: 32 m
■ Maximum speed: 40 km / h

A Shrill Attraction Attraction where you can experience acrobatic thrills while turning the wind and turning in the sky. When the giant wings attached to each aircraft were moved by themselves, right-to-left-to-right-to-left movement began to sway.
It ’s hard to get wind on your side. The aircraft repeats unintentional rotations, making it into a state of inevitable, just “ Tentekomai - Sky Roller ”!
Once you begin to rotate horizontally, acrobatic thrills you have never experienced will last for 3 minutes. There are many repeaters in a slightly different rotating Shrill Attraction Attraction.

Precautions when boarding

≪About boarding posture≫
Tentekomai - Sky Roller is an Attraction that rotates violently sideways.

Always on board
① Put [head] on the back.
② Grasp the [Safety Bar] or [Control Bar].

Please be aware of two points when boarding.

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall while driving, which is extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage in the locker provided at the platform before boarding.

≪About what you wear≫
Please take off your shoes that are easy to take off after you sit down.
(After driving, the seat will return to its original position.)



Just a stroll in the air!

Taking the aircraft attached to the tip of the arm attached to the 39 m high tower, it got up to the highest attained point along the tower, 32 m above the ground. While watching Mt. Fuji which is visible in front of the eyes, walking in the air while turning while drawing a circle with a maximum diameter of 18 m ... It is not a lively attraction like what ....

Uncontrollable!? Tentekomai - Sky Roller in!

Although Attraction Name shows that you can control the wings attached to the aircraft yourself, it is difficult to control as you wish, and the entire aircraft is in a state of “ Tentekomai - Sky Roller ”. Repeated horizontal rotation, increasing the rotation speed, face the unknown thrill!

Repeater continuing to "Inner Element"

It is not in "just riding", not by the attraction of the amusement park so far, "to operate by yourself", it can not be rotated → I want to rotate → I want to rotate more → I want to rotate even more ... ... and many repeaters are challenging!