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Thomas and Percy's Fun Ride

  • Family Rides

Take the coach and adventure Sodou Island!

  • Exciting point
  • Refreshing points
  • Nico Nico Point

500 yen

Riding capacity

24 people

Time required


Height Restriction


Age Restriction

None * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Thomas Land
  • Available for 65 years and older
  • Also available for people with foot disabilities


Usage criteria

Enter the world of Thomas the Tank Engine! Enter Brick Napford Station and Thomas, Percy, and James will welcome you! You can ride on a passenger car pulled by Thomas, Percy, and James and run on "Sodo Island", the stage of Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas Land's most popular Attraction.

Thomas and Nakamas appear one after another while driving. Vicious diesel 10, such as Henry and Terence, are here and there! Thomas talks to everyone, so the children are delighted too! You can immerse yourself in the Thomas and Thomas world until you arrive at "Elsbridge station" at the get off station.


Get in the world of Thomas the Tank!

A famous story has been reproduced, and children who love Thomas are delighted! There is no doubt that it will be unforgettable memories!

Your older brother or sister gets on as a guide. When departing, everyone leaves in tone with each other and raises the exploration mood for children to Sodo Island.

Can also meet limited goods

There is a Thomas Station Shop where "limited bugs" are available in "Elsbridge station" at the get off station. There are plenty of items to make children "exciting" even when they return home!