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Attack on Titan THE RIDE -Wall Maria Final Recapture Operation-

  • Thrill Rides

A powerful ride Attraction based on the popular work "Attack on Titan"

  • Exciting point
  • Refreshing points
  • Shrill Attraction point

2,000 yen

Riding capacity

40 people

Time required

about 7 minutes

Height Restriction

110 cm 〜

Age Restriction

4 years old ~ * Preschool children must be accompanied by an attendant of junior high school or above

  • Available for Priority Ticket
  • Available for 65 years and older
  • Available in rainy weather
  • Also available for people with foot disabilities
  • Height restricted

motion ride Attraction
Experience the world of "Attack on Titan" by repeating rapid rises, rapid descents, and sharp turns
Motion Ride Attraction /Sudden Rise/Sudden Descent/Sudden Turn


Usage criteria

Attraction overview

Screen diameter: 20 m

Passengers enter the world of "Attack on Titan" and participate in the final operation to recapture Wall Maria as a member of the Survey Corps. In the scene where you move along with the giant, using a powerful image projected on a huge hemispherical screen with a diameter of 20m that wraps around the ride and a "three-dimensional mobile device", you can see the ride moving up and down, back and forth, left and right, and the body. You can enjoy an overwhelming sense of immersion with dynamic sounds that reverberate.

≪About baggage≫
Baggage, pocket contents, accessories, etc. may fall during boarding and are extremely dangerous.
Please leave all your baggage in the locker provided at the platform before boarding.

≪For fun and safe use≫
Those who cannot maintain the correct boarding posture, those who cannot sit in the seat due to their physique and hairstyle,
And those who cannot fix the restraint device cannot use it.
Wheelchair users will be guided to a separate space. *Seats will not operate.

This Attraction contains some cruel and exciting scenes. Please be careful with children of elementary school age and younger (under 12 years old) and be aware of this before using.

©Hajime Isayama/Kodansha
© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / "Attack on Titan Battle of the Beast" Production Committee


Experience the gliding movement by synchronizing the motion of the seat and the original video!

Experience unprecedented terror and tense battles against the mercilessly attacking giants!