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Fuji-Q Highland

9: 00 ~ 17: 00

Thomas Land

9: 00 ~ 17: 00

La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa

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"NARUTO × BORUTO FUJI Hidden Leaf Village"open!

Fuji-Q Highland Very popular ninja anime NARUTO-Naruto- "
"NARUTO × BORUTO FUJI Hidden Leaf Village"Is open.
Experience the world of Ninja that Bolts live in!

"FUJI Hidden Leaf Village"Area map
  • 3D shooting ride Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall
  • Ninja Way Museum
  • Game shop Ninjutsu carnival
  • Mangekyo Photo Studio
  • Ichiraku
  • Kanmi Café?
  • Gamakichi object
  • Shop
  • Real mystery solving game

3D shooting ride Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall

latest Scientific Ninja Tool Board the board of points that appear one after another
Indoor 3D shooting ride to defeat the target.
Character Our Ninjutsu While enjoying
Aim for a high score.

4 people (per unit)
usage limit
Preschoolers need to be accompanied by parents of at least junior high school
usage fee
1,500 yen (free pass available)

Ninja Way Museum

A 180 degree theater where you can enjoy a special image that condenses the famous scenes of Naruto and Sasuke Hokage A room that has been reproduced NARUTO-Naruto-Shippuden Enjoy the world view of Museum.

usage fee
800 yen (free pass available)

Game shop Ninjutsu carnival

An arcade game corner where you can enjoy three types of games: frogs, shurikens and ball rolling. Premium items are only available here Original goods!

usage fee
500 yen / time

Mangekyo Photo Studio

NARUTO of Character A photo studio where you can take pictures of memorials by combining the world view.

Ichiraku ramen

Shinobi Five Great Countries Ramen (1,380 yen)

Naruto's favorite ramen shop in the work
"Ichiraku A restaurant with the motif of "".
We offer drinks, desserts and other items that can be used to create original ramen with full scale and photos.
Get a Narikiri Face Print Sticker for every 1,000 yen you pay!

Kanmi Café?

Bolt's Cheeseburger Taiyaki (400 yen)

Character Selling different kinds of oysters Snack Shops.
Character We present "random inclusion character-seal" toward the purchase of menu!

Gamakichi object

The main character Naruto's welcome Gama "Gamakichi"of
Huge Monument.


"FUJI Hidden Leaf Village"Only original goods
Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall Exit Shops Sold at. Ideal for souvenirs!

Real mystery solving game

"FUJI Hidden Leaf Village"Area Or Fuji-Q Highland A real mystery game that can be enjoyed on the market.
Choose the difficulty level from the beginner level and advanced level and try to solve the mystery with Naruto and Bolt!
For those who cleared FUJI Hidden Leaf Village We present limited special prize!
Shop Accepting at.

Time required
Beginner 30 minutes
Advanced 1 to 2 hours
usage fee
Beginner edition 500 yen
Advanced edition 800 yen

HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa"NARUTO A special room is created that reproduces the world of Naruto.

Fuji-Q Highland Official Hotel HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa"To
Special Japanese room ``Shinobi no Ma-Japanese Ninja Suite Room NARUTO-"Is open.
There are a lot of tricks that can enjoy "Shinobu" experience during stay in room.
Check out our room-limited original amenities!

  • —Fujikyu Line NARUTO × BORUTO Special trains —

  • — Highway Bus"NARUTO EXPRESS "—

"FUJI Hidden Leaf Village To the opening of
Fuji Express Line connecting Otsuki Station and Kawaguchiko Station
NARUTO Or BORUTO of Character Colors the car body
Start of wrapping train operation.
Everywhere in the car door and route map Character Appeared,
There is no doubt that it will enliven the trip to Mt. Fuji!
Also, Fuji-Q Highland ・ With Fuji Five Lakes Shinjuku Connect other places in Tokyo Highway Bus(2 units)
Vehicle of original design comes up!
※Electric train, Highway Bus The schedule is not fixed together.