Fuji-Q Highland Fuji-Q Highland

Rule & Manner

Please observe the following requests and manners and morals so that our customers can enjoy their lives more safely and securely.

Baggage/metal detector inspection

We give top priority to the safety of our customers, so we conduct baggage inspections and metal detector inspections for all customers upon entering the park.
We may ask you to check the clothes you are wearing, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Some Attraction also have metal detector inspections to avoid various risks caused by falling objects.

About Attraction

Management of Attraction , holding of events, etc. may be partially changed or canceled at any time without prior notice due to season, weather and other circumstances.
Please note that there will be no refunds for 1-day pass due to cancellation.
There are usage conditions for each Attraction and facility. (For terms of use, etc., please ask a staff member or refer here.)

For customers with small children

Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a junior high school student or above. Keep an eye on your children constantly.
Be sure to bring valuables and personal items when you leave your stroller.
Tricycles (with pedals and handles) and self-propelled vehicles are not allowed.

About surveillance camera

We may consider your safety first, and we will check your existing package.
Please note that surveillance cameras are also installed inside the building.

About pets

Pets (medium and small dogs) can enter the park with a lead. Please bring it in a printed and signed state after agreeing to the terms. 【please note】

About face authentication system

When entering the park, when using Attraction, face authentication is required (except for infants). Regarding the face authentication system, we shall comply with the separate "Fuji-Q Highland face authentication system administration regulations".



About cameras and video shooting in the park

Although it is possible, shooting at the time of riding an Attraction is prohibited.
Some are OK.
Unauthorized commercial photography is prohibited.
In addition, we prohibit shooting that may disturb other customers, LIVE distribution, and similar shooting.

About customers coming in groups

Group Visitors Tickets, it is necessary to make a reservation by the day before your visit.
Please note that if you do not make a reservation, we will inform you of the regular rate.

About drinking alcohol

We do not accept the use of Attraction in drinking conditions.
Alcoholic drinks are offered in the garden.

Actions we are refusing

Things to keep in mind

Service Guide

Service List provided on Fuji-Q Highland and usage criteria.