About entry of a pet (dog)

From July 14, 2018, it is possible to enter the pet (Medium size small dog) lead.
Please confirm the agreement in advance, agree to the terms,
Please bring with you printing and signing.

The terms of participationHere(Signature required)
Also, when you come by connecting a dog, please enter from the second entrance or Lisa and Gaspar Town.
Shops Or Restaurant Please note that you will not be able to visit the park with a lead inside.

【please note】
· Only middle and small dogs less than 50 cm in height can be admitted,
It is possible to use some Attraction .
· When getting on an Attraction , a fixed fee is required.
Target Attraction :
① Ferris wheel
② Tea Cups
③ Water ace (closed in winter)
④ Merry-Go-Round
· Elasticity (flexible) entry is not permitted.
· Indoor facilities inside the park by lead ( Shops , Restaurant etc.)
And entering THOMAS LAND are prohibited.
· " Fuji-Q Highland , pet (dog) entrance entrance participation agreement"
Please use it after confirmation.
·first Parking The transfer from to the second entrance entrance will be on foot.
By car Parking Please note that once you get out there will be a parking fee again.
· Content and others are subject to change without notice.