Face authentication entrance

Introduction of "face authentication entrance" from July 14, 2018

Fuji-Q Highland will introduce facial recognition entrance from July 14, 2018. Registration of face photograph is necessary when entering the campus.
If you register your face picture from WEB in advance, you will have the merit of being able to enter the area smoothly.

Difference in entry method

When purchasing free pass in advance on WEB
Online face registration
Free pass
When purchasing
Ticket aircraft compatible
Free pass
When purchasing
Online face registration
Buy free pass
CLUB Register face picture from Fuji Q member exclusive page
Ticket aircraft compatible
Buy free pass
Ticket issuance by holding the QR code of E-TICKETS to "E-TICKETS issuing machine" near the entrance
From the priority gate
Just enter the city
Along the entrance gates,
Register a face photo and go to the entrance
Free entry only
In case of interest
Tickets on site
When purchasing
Along the ticket window,
Ticket free entry tickets
Along the ticket window,
Purchase tickets
Along the entrance gates,
Register a face photo and go to the entrance
From the priority gate
Just enter the city
Along the entrance gate, register facial pictures and enter the entrance

* Personal information including registered face photograph images is handled with careful attention to the confidentiality of personal information and unauthorized access by third parties, leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, etc. We will take necessary and necessary safety measures so as not to occur. For details about the handling of personal information, please check the privacy policy.
※ The face photo image you registered is automatically deleted in 10 months.

About facial pictures to pre-register

Please be careful what you can see clearly the face with facing forward
Blur / blur
Smile / excessive expression
White jump
The background is not plain
Multiple faces
Image processing with applications and software
My eyes hide in my hair
Small face
I close my eyes.
Face is not facing front (sideways)
Face is not facing front (shooting from below)
Face is not facing forward (taken from above)
  • As well as a general certification picture, it must be taken horizontally and face-to-face

  • Being expressionless

  • Be moderate brightness

  • The image is clear

  • Background Plain only in the plain

  • Those with images of others, posters, stuffed animals etc. in the image are not good. Clothes with face printed NG

  • That All faces are reflected and not partially hidden

  • Things hidden in the face by hat, sunglasses, mask, muffler, peace sign etc are NG

  • Be realistic image

  • Image processing by application is NG

  • Those shot with smartphone or digital camera within 1 month

  • An image of the past, a photograph of his / her face photo, a photograph taken of a driver's license are NG

  • The spectacle wearer should have clear eyes

  • Eyes are hidden at the edge of the glasses, those that reflect light on the glasses lens are NG

Fuji-Q Highland Regulations for Facial Recognition


Background of introduction
Fujikyu Group (Fuji-Q Highland Co., Ltd., Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. and all companies belonging to the Fujikyu Group) seeks the realization of the following items by introducing a facial recognition system.
(1) By recording every single visitor’s face, we aim for the worldwide safest amusement park.
(2) The convenience of using our attractions shall be increased.​ ​


Purpose of usage
The purpose of the facial recognition system is as follows.
(1) For controlling ticket posession
(2) For statistical data in order to improve our services and products for our guests
(3) In order to reply to the opinions, wishes and questions of our guests
(4) For other services provided by the Fujikyu Group which require identification of our guests


Registration of facial image
We ask our guests to register their facial image with our facial recognition system until entering Fuji-Q highland. In case there has been no registration, it might be that access to the park is denied.※ Except pre-school children


About the handling of the facial recognition system
In order to prevent the loss, damage, manipulation or divulgation etc. of the facial images etc., we implement sufficient information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, and the like.


Restrictions for the usage and provision of facial images
Registered facial images will not be used for other than the outlined purposes of usage. However, please note that in any of the following cases information might be displayed to third parties.
(1) When the consent of the concerned person has been obtained.
(2) When the display is requested by laws and regulations.
(3) When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain consent from the concerned person.
(4) When the provision of information requested by investigating authorities for the investigation of crimes or accidents.


Consent of our guests
The registration of the facial image shall be treated as consent to these regulations.


Handling of personal information
For the handling of other personal information, please refer to regulations of our “Privacy Policy”.

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