Annual Free Pass

What is annual free pass

It is a free pass valid for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

With the ticketless annual free pass using the face authentication system,
Enjoy Fuji-Q Highland smoothly any time!

  • Valid only for the principal

  • " Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear " "game corner" "special event" can not use.

«Buyer benefits»

① Preferred entry
Admission is possible from 15 minutes before the opening time!

② anniversary benefit
Seating can be specified for 4 big coaster Zekkyo Priority Ticket in your birth month!
※ It is possible to use up to 2 persons including the same person and accompanying person (purchase of Zekkyo Priority Ticket is required separately).
Annual Free Pass Only valid for the customer's birth month.
Present to the Attraction attendant what you prove to be a birth month (license etc).

③ Companion discount
You can purchase free pass at discounted rates for up to 5 people except yourself!
Adults ... 5,800 yen
Chuchu ... 5,300 yen
Dwarf ... 4,200 yen
Infant, senior ...... 2,000 yen

You can enter the discounted rate at FUJIYAMA ONSEN! (Only for yourself)
Adults / junior high / high school students ...... Weekdays 1,200 yen, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 1,500 yen
Elementary school student ...... Weekday 600 yen, Saturday and Sunday congratulation 750 yen

* The Annual Pass benefits contents may be changed without notice.

Purchase procedure · entry method

After registering as a CLUB Fuji Q member, you can purchase it at Yahoo Pass Market.
After purchasing, please register your face picture from My page before entering the park.
Please proceed "Priority Gate" when entering. We perform face authentication within the gate.

Annual free pass fee




Detail / Purchase

  • Annual Free Pass


    * The Annual Pass benefits contents may be changed without notice
    ※ We will judge by age (school age) at the time of purchase






Annual Free Pass Terms

  • You can not cancel, change or refund after purchase at all.

  • “Annual Free Pass” is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

  • "Annual Free Pass" is valid only for the person who purchased and registered.

  • When purchasing / using "annual free pass", you can operate and use the computer and internet at your own risk, and you can use computers that have been set up with appropriate Japanese display, e-mail, etc. We are only targeting customers who are using, operating and using. In the unlikely event that we can not purchase or use "annual free pass" due to circumstances of customers' equipment, network, OS, provider, etc. that does not control our company, we can not assume any responsibility .

  • When using "Annual Free Pass", it is necessary to register face photographs on the online CLUB Fuji Q member website beforehand, and face authentication at entry / exit and Attraction use. As for the face authentication system, we shall comply with the separate " Fuji-Q Highland Face Certification System Management Regulations". (Face registration to infant / senior "annual free pass" is necessary, but face authentication system can not be used)

  • Face registration system can not be used for infant / senior "annual free pass". For young children, when using entrance / exit / Attraction , seniors will use the "annual free pass" display screen registered for face photographs with the person himself / herself / his / her parent's smartphone etc. when using the Attraction to the entrance / Attraction staff It is necessary to present it.

  • An annual free pass display screen may be presented on a smartphone etc. due to reasons such as maintenance of the face authentication system. Please bring your smartphone etc. in the communication state when you are going to visit.

  • "Annual free pass" can be used only in the normal Opening Hours band of Fuji-Q Highland (hereinafter referred to as "the present day") during the valid period. It can not be used for special fee-based events etc. which require a separate ticket. Also, it can not be used on Closed or the exclusion date separately defined by the garden.

  • If you acknowledge the illegal use of "annual free pass" or the law violation in the park, or the act that seems to be contrary to public order and morals, or other inconvenient acts of other guests, return "yearly free pass" I will do. In that case we will not refund you. Also, we refuse entry to our garden for a certain period of time, and we may refuse to purchase "Annual Free Pass" the next time.

  • Please acknowledge that we may change the price, term, benefit, campaign, contracts and other information specified by our company without prior notice in advance.

  • When using this park, please observe "Rule & Manner", "Attraction usage criteria" and other rules stipulated by this garden.

Contents, prices, annual free pass terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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CLUB Fuji Q member fee

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