Service List

Service List

It is a service provided within Fuji-Q Highland .

Aid room

【Service contents】
If you get injured or you feel sick in the facility, please speak to the nearby staff.
You can use the aid room.
There is a case that a nurse is absent.

Information Center near Food Stadium

Lost article

【Service contents】
Please come to the nearby staff or the information center.
If you notice it after leaving the parking place, Contact date and time of dropping and place.
Reception time: according to Opening Hours
Information center: 0555-23-2111

Information center next to the Merry-Go-Round

Lost child

【Service contents】
When your child gets lost, I will show you if you can consult the staff nearby.
We will also protect children who are lost.
Also, you can call in the garden broadcasting.
A staff member near you will contact the information center and call you etc.

Information center next to the Merry-Go-Round


【Service contents】
We have installed a diaper change seat in 13 toilets in each Area in the park that entered the entrance gate.

【Toilet in the park】
Desperate fortress front / Food Stadium / Restaurant Bohatei Kaihotoshingenyakata / Grill Kitchen MEAT×MEET / King of Coaster Fujiyama below / Fuji Airways front / Tekkotsubanchou previous toilet / Mad Mouse Back (female only) / 2nd entrance gate (inside garden) Total 9 places
【Toilet in THOMAS LAND 】
Hopping Winston Nearby / Thomas Restaurant / Thomas' Dokidoki Playground Total 3 places
The first admission opening / SHOP FUJIYAMA in / first Parking in the old organization accepting office horizontal / Fuji-Q Highland Highway Bus Terminal / Tomomi Okazaki Memorial Museum / Cafe Brioche (Gaspard and Lisa Town) / Les Rêves Salon de Thé (Lisa And Gaspar Town) totaling 7 locations

Diaper change station

【Service contents】
Park toilet, THOMAS LAND in the toilet, located on the first-aid room.

Park toilet / THOMAS LAND in the toilet / first-aid room

Nursing room

【Service contents】
Next to Thomas Restaurant, Thomas' Dokidoki Playground, Food Stadium in THOMAS LAND There is preparation in the aid room, Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey.

Thomas Restaurant / Thomas' Dokidoki Playground / Aid Room Next to Food Stadium / Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey

Automatic withdrawal machine (ATM)

【Service contents】
Only one Shops Fujiyama in the vicinity of the first entrance gate (Seven Bank)
Are installed. Transfers and deposits are also possible.

Available time: Fuji-Q Highland If it is Opening Hours , you can use it, but usage time and fee will vary depending on each company.
※ Maintenance etc. may not be available.


Coin locker

【Service contents】
We have a total of 850 coin lockers in the park.

Oversized ... Vertical 83 / Width 45 / Length 60/800 yen
Large ... Vertical 80 / Land 35 / Length 51/500 yen
Medium ... Vertical 53 / Land 35 / Length 45/400 yen
Small ... Vertical 31 / Land 35 / Length 45/200 yen

1st Parking Old Organization Reception / Fuji-Q HighlandHighway Bus Terminal / SHOP FUJIYAMA / 1st Entrance / 2nd Entrance / Fuji-Q Highland Station Home / Food Stadium Downstairs / Tondemina sideways / THOMAS LAND Entrance sideways / desperate fortress sideways toilet

Baby stroller rental / wheelchair rental

【Service contents】
Baby strollers (Type B only) are available for a fee.
We deposit 1,000 yen including security deposit upon renting, we will return 500 yen upon return.
Once you leave the building you can also rent it again, but once you return it you will be charged again.
Rental time is within Fuji-Q Highland Opening Hours .

1st / 2nd entrance

Smoking area

【Service contents】
There are six smoking areas in the park. Please smoke at a place with an ashtray.

※ Restaurant and shops are non-smoking.
※ The queue for Attraction also non-smoking.
※ THOMAS LAND is a completely non-smoking.

First Parking Inside the former group receptionist side /Takabisha Entrance side / back of Mad Mouse /Tekkotsubanchou In front of the toilet / In front of the Despair Fortress / Under the Ferris wheel

Low allergen menu

【Service contents】
Only thomas curry at Thomas Restaurant will be menu for allergen.
We are sorry, but we do not display allergies in each Restaurant in the facility.
We will take care of you, but if you are worried about allergy Contact us in advance.

Fuji-Q Highland : 0555-23-2111

Thomas Restaurant

Installation of AED

【Service contents】
We have installed AED in the park. If you do not know the handling of the equipment or when you are in an emergency, please speak to your nearest staff.

First entrance entrance / Second entrance entrance / Information center next to the Merry-Go-Round / First aid room / Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey before / Shivering Labyrinth

Wi-Fi Spot

【Service contents】
Free Wi-Fi service is available in some Area Fuji-Q Highland . Please use all means.
The service Area is an entrance, Restaurant , waiting queue of main Attraction , etc.

How to Use :
(1) Connect to " FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" from SSID or application "Japan Wi-Fi" in " FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" offer Area .
(2) When using for the first time, use registration by "mail address" or "SNS account (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc.)".
(3) You can use Wi-Fi for 60 minutes (up to seven times a day) after registration is completed.

Fuji-Q HighlandHighway Bus Terminal surroundings / La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa (around Cafe Brioche) / 1st entrance / 2nd entry Mouth / DODODONPA queue and around the station / Takabisha queue / Eejanaika Waiting and around the station / King of Coaster Fujiyama waiting queue and around the station building / Fuji Airways waiting queue / around / Mad Mouse / Crystal lagoon link area / Food Stadium audience / Restaurant Bohatei Kaihotoshingenyakata audience / grill kitchen MEAT × MEET audience / Thomas Restaurant seat

Service Guide

Service List provided on Fuji-Q Highland and usage criteria.