Let's work at Fuji-Q Highland !

Employment information

Amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji surrounded by nature, Fuji- Fuji-Q Highland .
Since the grand opening in 1969, I have been sticking to "the world's best" and have developed various Attraction .

In the park, you can enjoy various amusement facilities such as King of Coaster “ Fujiyama - King of Coasters ” and “ Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster ” with a maximum drop angle of 121 degrees while watching Mt. Fuji.

The annual number of visitors is over 2 million people.

We are looking for staff who will be active in the stage of Fuji-Q Highland aiming for "making fun and exciting amusement parks" this year.
Let me expect encounters with people who like new ideas and ideas and entertaining people more than anything.


Hospitality department

Communicate with customers all over the world!


We believe that all visitors, regardless of age, gender, and nationality, are “leading players”. In order for customers to be thrilled, Shrill Attraction and returning with complete satisfaction, the support of the staff in the hospitality department working in the park is indispensable.


The customer service department is a type of occupation that allows us to interact with our customers most closely in the occupation of Fuji-Q Highland .

In recent years, customers from overseas are also rapidly increasing.
It is suitable for those who like communication with people.

managing section

Below the rim, shape the idea!

When you join the company, you will be assigned to the customer service department that is closer to the customer first.

After having experienced various experiences, it is often found to be appropriate and assigned to the management department as the next career.


Fields that are active as "brains" of Fuji-Q Highland are spreading.

technical job


Speaking of Fuji-Q Highland, the world's Shrill Attraction coaster.

Daily maintenance is essential to operate Attraction to "safe and secure".
When it comes to hiring a technical staff, you can touch and inspect each day, touching machines that are the only ones in the world.

At the same time you can learn the structure of the vehicle, how it moves, principles, you can also acquire the qualifications necessary for work.
Due to the department aiming for zero failure and zero accident, teamwork is outstanding. From seniors you can learn a lot about things including technical aspects.
That motivation is one person.