Gift Tickets

Gift Ticket

How about a 1-day pass at Fuji-Q Highland gifts to friends, wedding receptions, year-end gifts, and Nakamoto?
Gift Ticket are sold through the electronic Tickets service "PassMarket" operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation. It can be purchased on PCs and smartphones.

Gift Ticket fee



Selling price

Details / Purchase

  • 1-day Pass


    The minimum purchase: 2
    Gift tickets are available from infant to senior.
    Gift ticket will be valid for half a year after purchasing.
    The special envelope also available(Extra charged)



Payment / delivery method

Payment / delivery method

  • Customers are responsible for payment related fees.

  • Purchase price refund after purchasing goods can not be done.

I will send it by cash on delivery in Yu Packet.

  • It will be shipped after payment is confirmed, so it will take time to ship.

  • The payment confirmation day will be Wednesday every week.

  • 1-day pass are shipped every Sunday.

  • For customers who received money after Thursday, it will be shipped the next Sunday, so it will take up to 10 days for delivery until reaching you.

  • If you are in a hurry, we may not be able to deliver, so please apply with time in mind.

  • Year-end and New Year holidays will be accepted as usual, but it may take two weeks or so to reach you.

  • Receipt can not be issued. In the case of card payment, please use the detailed statement, if substituting convenience store, please use receipt.

Find Your Tickets

Fuji-Q Highland offers a variety of Tickets to meet your needs.
Please check the details of each Tickets, including fees.

Check the Tickets

Fuji-Q Highland offers a variety of Tickets to meet your needs.
Please check Attraction, related facilities, discount coupons, etc.

Fuji-Q highland Membership

"Fuji-Q member" is an official member service by Fuji-Q Highland.
Please confirm the contents of the tickets and special offers.


Fuji-Q Highland prepares a variety of Tickets to the guests.
Please confirm each fee.

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