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" SHOP FUJIYAMA " information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

Souvenir shop boasts the greatest number of shops in Fuji-Q Highland . That number, about 2000 kinds. The original goods of each Attraction are enriched, and if you wonder where to purchase souvenirs, please come to the first entrance.

Many Yamanashi specialties and confectionery are also available, and a wide store also has Shops wine from Koshu. The number of goods is many, and it is a pleasant shop just walking.

Recommended products are "Patisserie The Ellen Baumkuchen Hard Type ((1,410 yen), "Fujiyama Cookie Fuji Airways(¥ 1,100), “Wine Katsunuma Koshu” (¥ 2,000), “Fujikyu Assorted Cookies” (¥ 920), and “Fujikyu Limited Kikyoshina Shingenjo (8 pieces)” (¥ 1,370). New products are also in stock one after another.


How to enjoy " SHOP FUJIYAMA "

Original product is enriched!

The number of items The number of goods boasts 2000 kinds of garden It is a big souvenir shop so we have a wide selection of original sweets to Yamanashi special products and original goods. Seasonal limited items are also numerous. Why do not you get lost a lot as to what to make as a souvenir?

New staple that deliciousness spreads throughout every mouth one after another arrives!

"Fujikyu Limited Kikko Shingen Mochi" (1,240 yen), which appeared in September 2017, is currently popular with original design packages that can only be purchased at Fuji-Q Highland . The mark is a red package with a lot of red Fuji. It is a collaboration product with Yamanashi 's representative confection "Kikyo shop" which used the concept of home - grown taste as a concept. New standard items are also in stock one by one!


Patisserie The Ellen Baumkuchen Hard type


Fujiyama cookie Fuji Airways


Other goods

Wine Katsunaga Koshu


Fujikyu Associated Cookie


Fujiyuki Limited Brewer's Shingen Mochi (8 pieces)