Fuji-Q Highland Fuji-Q Highland

The closest portrait shop to Mt. Fuji

A funny and cute caricature shop! Caricature shop!


※It changes according to Business time of Fuji-Q Highland.

How about a portrait between Shrill Attraction?
Since you can choose the touch of the picture, you can respond from "interesting" to "kawaii" to your liking!
You can also draw from photos and photos, so you can draw people and pets who are not there.
Recommended for gifts and surprise gifts!
In addition, color copies can be made at the store, so if you come to the group as a group, you can get pictures for the number of people.
Why don't you make a memory of your visit to Fuji-Q Fuji-Q Highland with pictures of FUJI-Q and Mt. Fuji?


The greatest attraction is the touch of pictures you can choose! Get the one you like

The touch of the picture depends on your wishes! !
You can make it funny and make it a laughing story of the trip!
You can also finish it cutely to make it a memorable piece!
It's sure to be a memory of your trip to Fuji-Q Highland! !