Lady Hat Lady's snack store

Everyone smiles at the freshly baked scented mini-castella!



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" Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea " Information

■ Opening Hours : according to THOMAS LAND opening hours

" Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea " located just outside the main entrance of THOMAS LAND is a signboard menu for freshly baked "Thomas Mini Castella (6 pieces)". Castella which is sweet and delicious enough to melt with fluffy texture, cute looks also popular items from children to adults!

This shop specializing in takeout also sells THOMAS LAND original "Bucket Popcorn Salty". If you bring a bucket that you finished eating, you can also change (charge). In addition, the drink menu is substantial.

THOMAS LAND In the year 2018 when we announced the anniversary year of 20th anniversary, we will have a new menu with chocolate added to Castella which has shaped the Thomas and we will also join the new friends Castella.


How to enjoy " Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea "

Aroma is a landmark!

Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea is close to THOMAS LAND main entrance. Aroma is a landmark. First of all here to buy a sponge cake and popcorn, we are starting to THOMAS LAND Let's prepare for a fun time in.

THOMAS LAND In 2018, when the 20th anniversary anniversary year celebrated, a new menu appeared. Every time I come, maybe new bulls are increasing? !