The original cookie baked in the store is delicious!



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" Patisserie " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Patisserie selling original cookies baked in the store. In addition to cookies molded with Lisa and gas pearl, carefully selected "Fujiyama cookie" etc popular in Fuji Goko Area .

Popular number 1 is "Fujiyama cookie vanilla × white chocolate." In addition, there are many tastes such as "Matcha × Topping Azuki", "Tea × Plain". "10 pieces of topping & chocolate" is also popular as a souvenir. Lisa baked in the store and gas pear cookies are also very popular. Also pay attention to cute packages!

"Popcorn" which handmade in the store is also very popular. Do you want to be a caramel flavor? Would you like salt butter flavor? There are many pretty packaged items in the shop so you can take the atmosphere of Lisa and Gaspard Town as it is.


How to enjoy " Patisserie "

Sell ​​original cookie

I sell original cookies baked in the store. It is a space where children and adults are also excited to see the appearance they are making.

Lisa and gaspal original cookie are very charming. "BOOK type chocolate 3 sheets entering" is popular.