Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen

A little breath while being watched by Kindley lady!



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" Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen " Information

■ Opening Hours : according to THOMAS LAND opening hours

"Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen" next to 3D Maze - Thomas Circus sells popcorn and drinks etc. that have entered the original bucket.

When the weather is nice, tables and chairs are arranged outdoors and you can spend a relaxing moment. THOMAS LAND 20th anniversary Anniversary year 2018, the British authentic tea and scones newly collaborated with the world's tea specialty store "Rupicia" are newly released!

In an atmosphere like a villa, how about a tea time while being watched by a lady of a Kindley?


How to enjoy " Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen "

A bit of a breath

In this Shops which reproduced the atmosphere of the villa of the Kindley lady, a relaxed time flows
It is. "A little hungry was empty." Please come and look forward to tea time at such time.

THOMAS LAND greeted the 20th anniversary anniversary year in 2018. To commemorate that, British authentic tea and scones are new. All tastes come with origami.