Food Stadium

A menu of attractions motivated!

Food Stadium

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Food & Restaurant Information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

A Food Court Restaurant with a wide range of stores such as Western, Chinese, udon and hamburgers. There are 2nd floor seats with a feeling of openness and Park Area with low tables and chairs for children, making it safe for couples and Family.

The biggest Feature is that there are many menus related to Fuji-Q Highland 's famous Attraction .
You can eat many unique menus, such as “Rakumen boiled in the main role of Eejanaika - 4th Dimension Hypercoaster ramen”, where the volumey kakuni boiled in the bowl. A dining experience that can only be enjoyed here!

Why don't you pay attention to the restroom in the hall, which decorated the history of Fuji-Q Highland hero “ Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander” from childhood as a “memory photo”?


How to enjoy

Local specialty store and B grade gourmet too!

"Yoda noodles" Feature thick and stiff noodles is a popular local Fujiyoshida store. Enjoy a cup of commitment, such as cabbage toppings. Also a lineup of B class gourmet "Fujinomiya Yakisoba" representing Japan is underway.

Food Recommendation

Legend of Star Tsujiya supervision Fujikyu Original Star Tsuji