Mt. Fuji dumpling

Recommended for Hokkaido! Tea house of Japanese taste



"Fujisan dumpling" information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

Near the second entrance, there are "Fujisan Dumpling" and "Gallery" in "Gegeyou no Yokai Yokocho". It is suitable for the name, the store is unified in the Japanese taste, and makes you feel relaxed.

Popularity Attraction"Eejanaika Because it is adjacent to ", during takeout, Screamer You may hear the voice of the person who People who would like to take a walk in the calm atmosphere, as well as those who take a walk in the Gegege Yokai Yokocho, are definitely welcome.


How to enjoy "Fujisan dumpling"

Calm atmosphere with Japanese taste

The building is a building of wooden building. The lanterns line up at the shop, and the emotion increases as the sunset is near and combined with the atmosphere of "Gegege no Yokai sideways".