Mt. Fuji Tea House

Recommended for Hokkaido! Tea house of Japanese taste



" Mt. Fuji Tea House " Information

■ Opening Hours : Fuji-Q Highland Business Hours

Near the second entrance, this is a teahouse offering snack foods, soft drinks, sweetness, "oshiruko" (400 yen) only in the winter season, etc, located inside "Gegege no yokai alley". Suitable for that name, the interior of the shop is unified with Japanese taste and makes me feel a warm smile.

Because it is adjacent to the popular Attraction ' Eejanaika ', Maybe the voice of the Screamer person may be heard during takeout. People who wander around "Gegege no yokai yokocho" as well as those who want to take a break in a calm atmosphere please visit. Next to "Mt. Fuji" and "Playground" are.

Popular menu BEST 3 is "Sakusaku chicken" (390 yen), "Shingen soft" (410 yen), "Cheese ball" (360 yen) in order. Although it is the name of a teahouse, a menu to satisfy hungryness is on offer.


How to enjoy " Mt. Fuji Tea House "

Calm atmosphere with Japanese taste

The building is a building of wooden building. The lanterns line up at the shop, and the emotion increases as the sunset is near and combined with the atmosphere of "Gegege no Yokai sideways".