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Daikanyama Candy apple

  • Food Booth

A popular apple candy store is now available at Fuji-Q Highland!

  • Take-out


◆ Business hours: Same as Fuji-Q Highland Business hours
◆ Store opening location: Multipurpose open space "Central Park" in front of Tondemina - Super Pendulum

“Daikanyama Candyapple”, a full-fledged apple candy specialty store that selects and selects branded apples that meet at that time every month from all over the country, will open. In order to maximize the umami of seasonal apples, which are completely different depending on the season and production area, we are particular about the process of making candy. The texture of the apple and candy is crispy to create a sense of unity, and the candy is coated thinly so that it melts and mixes instantly in your mouth. Please enjoy the original acidity of apples that you feel in the sweetness and the fragrance that spreads throughout your mouth.

Whole apple candy



Classic flavor
Cinnamon sugar / pure cocoa / yogurt chocolate / Uji matcha / black soybean flour / black tea / roasted green tea


Cut apple candy