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Cafe brioche

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Late at the terrace seat "baked bread"

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  • Indoor seating available
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■ Business hours: Follows the Business hours of Fuji-Q Highland

We sell freshly baked bread made by bakery craftsmen. At the terrace seating, you can enjoy tea time leisurely while feeling the atmosphere of fashionable and cheerful Paris. There is a scented smell of freshly baked bread in a cafe-like atmosphere dotted in the city of Paris.

The popularity best 3, in order, "clock mush", "quinnie aman", "Fuji-chan". Sandwiches, galettes and drink menu are also substantial, and beer and glass wine (red · white) are also offered.

Terrace seating is also very popular as it becomes a comfortable season.


Fresh baked bread and a drink menu also enhanced

You can eat freshly baked bread "made fresh" made by baker craftsman anytime. We have abundant lineup from sweets system to sandwich filling stomach.

Coffee and tea, soft drinks, alcohol and so on, the drink menu is enriched. Also in the cold weather, "Corn soup" and "Omaru shrimp bisque soup" please.