HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa(Official Hotel)

A resort hotel facing the magnificent Mt. Fuji in front of you


Street address

Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida, Shin-Nishihara 5-6-1


" HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa " information

■ Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan
■ Telephone: 0555-22-1000
■ Budget: Fujikyu Highland Free Pass "One day accommodation plan" 10,700 yen ~
■ Distance to Highland: "Fuji-Q Highland" Directly Connected

" HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa " is a resort hotel linked directly to Fuji-Q Highland which allows you to enjoy the spectacular views of magnificent Mt. Fuji, the night view of an amusement park, or any of these.

Aiming at "a world-class resort worthy of Mt. Fuji", we offer high quality towels in every room that promises a top notch feel, all rooms are scratched up to the detail, and a space of fine relaxation is prepared.

At the resort dining "Fujiyama Terrace" in the hotel, you can enjoy the night view of Mt. Fuji and the amusement park while eating in an open space like being outdoors. Of course, not only the ingredients harvested around Mt. Fuji, but also the lunch buffet consisting of more than 40 menus with balanced ingredients of season are all delicious. You can also enjoy dinner time in the relaxing space. Japanese and Chinese restaurants are also available in the hotel. Both seasons dishes can be enjoyed.


How to enjoy " HIGHLAND RESORT Hotel & Spa "

Direct connection to Fuji-Q Highland !

Since it is a resort hotel directly connected to Fuji-Q Highland, you can enjoy stress free from opening to closing. Benefits of luggage storage & parking free are also available during the stay.

Different benefits when staying!

Guests can enjoy various benefits including free entry to " FUJIYAMA MUSEUM " and " FUJIYAMA ONSEN " as well as priority entrance 15 minutes before the opening of Fuji-Q Highland .

There are rooms with different world views!

Newly opened on July 26, 2019 NARUTO-Naruto-Shippuden"A special Japanese room that reproduces the world view"Shinobi no Ma-Japanese Ninja Suite Room NARUTO-"," Thomas Room "and"Gaspard and Lisa’s Rooms"Such, Fuji-Q Highland The rooms with various views of the world linked to are very popular!