To gifts for loved ones! Gift Free Pass on sale!

Fujikyu gift set application
How about Fuji-Q Highland 's free pass for gifts for friends, wedding party second party, gifts, gifts?

■ Sales period

2018 / April 19 (Thu.) ~

■ Contents
(1) Free Pass / 2 sheets ¥ 10,600
(2) Free Pass / 1 sheet ¥ 5,300
※ Please use here if you purchase 3 or more sheets.
(3) Private envelope ¥ 200

· The minimum number of tickets sold is from 2 sheets.
· If you purchase three or more odd number sheets, please select one free pass.
· Tickets will be adult, junior high and high school student tickets.
· The validity period of the ticket is about half a year.
· We will ship garden map at the same time.
· We will also prepare a special envelope separately at the price.
※ When you use Gift Free Pass at an amusement park,
It is necessary to exchange for a free pass at the ticket sales window.

【How to apply】
Please select the ticket type.
All shipping costs are different.
Shipping fee is COD.
If you use a special envelope please select a special envelope with your ticket.

【Payment Method】 
You can choose credit card / convenience store payment.

【Attention of dispatch】
· Purchase price refund after purchase of goods is not possible.
· Yu Packet (https://www.post.japanpost.jp/service/yu_packet/) We will send it.
· Because it will be shipped after payment is confirmed, it will take time to ship.
※ The payment confirmation date will be Wednesday every week.
※ Free route shipping is done every Sunday.
* For customers who received money after Thursday, it will be shipped the next Sunday, so it will take up to 10 days at maximum until it reaches you.
※ If you are in a hurry, it may not be possible to deliver, so please apply with time in mind.
※ We will accept ordinary holidays as usual, but it may take two weeks to reach you.
* Receipt can not be issued. In the case of card payment, please use the detailed statement, if substituting convenience store, please use receipt.

【Order / detailed Contact 】
Fuji-Q Highland (representative) 0555-23-2111
※ Contact us by phone, etc. for companies that are purchased for large quantities of 100 or more.