About launch of free Wi-Fi " FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" service

Fuji-Q Highland Free Wi-Fi "FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" is now available within the park.

Please use all means.

Service location
Fuji-Q Highland Garden (15 entrances, including entrance entrance, Restaurant , main Attraction )

supported language
English · Chinese (Traditional Chinese · Simplified Chinese) · Thai · Japanese Total 5 languages

How to Use
(1) Connect from SSID or application "Japan Wi-Fi" to " FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" in " FUJIYAMA Wi-Fi" offer Area

(2) When using for the first time use registration with "mail address" or "SNS account (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc.)"

(3) After completing registration, you can use Wi-Fi for 60 minutes (up to 7 times a day)