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About our efforts for customer safety and security

In order for all customers to enjoy the amusement park safely and securely, we identify all the risks of the amusement park and carry out improvement activities related to customer safety every day.
Fuji-Q Highland will do its utmost to provide safety and security to all visitors and to bring back fun memories with all employees.

About initiatives to ensure safety and security

Software initiatives

Introduction of safety pre-show

Before boarding, the staff will explain the features of the Attraction, the rules for bringing in luggage, the correct riding posture, and hold a "safety pre-show" with customers to rhythmically alert them by clapping their hands.
We are thoroughly conducting a "safety pre-show" so that customers can cooperate with us while enlivening their feelings before boarding so that the precautions will be remembered even during boarding.

Check the seatbelt lock on both sides

When checking the seatbelt, a yellow check tag is attached to the seatbelt, and the customer and the staff both check the seatbelt lock by pulling the tag by themselves after wearing the seatbelt.

Introduction of Attraction change service

This service was introduced so that customers who feel uneasy just before boarding a large coaster can easily choose to give up boarding. You can preferentially use other medium-sized Attraction without wasting your time. If you lose confidence before boarding, please ask the staff to use this service.

Safety confirmation by staff test drive

After hardware (main parts related to operation) and software (changes in operation) inspections, we conduct 100 trial runs, 120 staff test rides, and 100 customer surveys to confirm safety.

Introduction of metal detector

We are gradually introducing metal detector gates for 10 high-altitude Attraction to avoid various risks caused by falling objects.

Review of Attraction usage standards

Under the guidance of a medical specialist, height and age restrictions are set for each Attraction for safety reasons.
For details, please check the page of each Attraction.

Hardware initiatives

For equipment, vehicle, and rail maintenance, in addition to the elevator / amusement facility periodic inspection business standards and manufacturer standards based on Article 12 of the Building Standards Act (reports, inspections, etc.), stricter self-inspection standards and inspection items are set for inspection confirmation. going.
In addition, in the safety overhaul with a certain suspension period, thorough inspections and maintenance beyond daily inspections are carried out, and after the inspections, 100 or more test runs are carried out to check for any abnormalities in the hardware. We check the ride comfort and safety by test-driving more than 100 employees and more than 20 part-time workers.

Winding chain inspection

Vehicle inspection

Rail inspection

Adjusted tire inspection

About safety comprehensive inspection

For all Attraction in the park, we are conducting safety inspections and regular maintenance while suspending operations for a certain period of time. In the comprehensive safety inspection, we carry out a comprehensive inspection of both hardware and software, and make improvements such as confirming safety and calling attention.

Examples of improvement through safety overhaul

Improvement of alert level

In the past, alerting for large models was done in 5 stages, but with this review, we have added 2 more stages and changed to 7 stages of alerting.

How to call attention [Fujiyama - King of Coasters]

To ensure your safe use, we have taken precautions such as ponytails or other hairstyles that prevent your head from touching the headrest, wearing earrings that may cause injury while boarding, high heels that prevent you from maintaining the correct boarding posture, or platform shoes. We are strictly reviewing our usage standards.

Notice of prohibition of ponytail

As a safety measure for our customers and staff, we have constructed a CP line in the home to strengthen our attention.

Fujiyama - King of Coasters CP line

CP line of Exciting Cruise

As a method of calling attention during boarding, a speaker is installed in the middle of the track, and a warning broadcast regarding characteristics such as boarding posture, acceleration, and braking is performed.

Takabisha - Steepest Roller Coaster-flying vehicle alert speaker

Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey alert speaker

As a safety measure for our customers and staff, we are taking safety measures for risk areas.

Non-slip carpet construction at Cool Japan

Construction of phosphorescent tape at Fuji Airways - 4D Ride

Review of customer safety management system

Regarding security, relief, disaster prevention, and food hygiene initiatives

We take safety measures related to security, rescue, disaster prevention, and food hygiene so that our customers can use our products safely and securely.
Employee education, such as establishing manuals for each Attraction and facility and conducting disaster prevention drills so that in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, eruption, fire, or other emergency, a quick and correct response can be taken. We are doing.

Security management with face recognition system

We are working to enhance security by authenticating the faces of all customers who enter the park.

Counterterrorism security

In cooperation with the police and the government, we are implementing a security system and training on counterterrorism measures.

Security management efforts

All persons entering the park are subject to a baggage inspection and a physical examination through a metal detector gate.

Efforts for relief

Under the guidance of a doctor, we conduct initial response seminars and AED seminars by external instructors.

Customers who are not feeling well in the park can use the first aid room. We have a blood pressure/heart rate measuring device and a bone density measuring device. In addition, first aid will be provided by first aid staff, and if necessary, an ambulance will be arranged, and nearby hospitals will be introduced.
In addition, we have AEDs in 5 places in the park and 2 places in the neighborhood.

Efforts for disaster prevention

In addition to conducting disaster prevention drills in collaboration with the government, we also carry out in-house fire prevention drills and daily inspections of firefighting equipment.

Food hygiene efforts

By implementing hygiene management that incorporates the concept of HACCP (* 1), we are working to strengthen the hygiene management plan and hygiene management check system.
Using the "Food Hygiene Management Plan / Record Book", 21 restaurants in the park that have all 5 HACCP items post HACCP type plates as "hygiene management implementation stores that incorporate the HACCP concept".
In addition, we regularly hold food hygiene classes so that all staff involved in eating and drinking can understand and practice food safety policies, and we are working to ensure food safety and security.
(* 1) HACCP type hygiene management is a hygiene management method introduced for the purpose of improving the hygiene management level of food and promoting international standardization.

HACCP "Food Safety, Safety, Five-Star Store" Certificate

Implementation of food hygiene training