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"CLUB Fuji Q" is an official member service by Fuji-Q Highland .
Once you register, you can purchase tickets at a member-only price, and you can purchase online tickets by linking with "Yahoo! JAPAN ID".

Member Privilege


E-TICKETS can be purchased at any time with members only price!

* Linking with Yahoo! JAPAN ID is necessary.
※ Prices are subject to change without prior notice


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Great deals! CLUB Fuji Q member only coupon available at any time!

Attraction Name



Member Price

  • 1 day free pass
    (CLUB Fuji Q)


    All-you-can-eat Attraction
    Including Thomas Land











* To purchase it is necessary to register to CLUB Fuji Q.
※ Prices are subject to change without prior notice

About the Point of Mail Magazine Members

1, implementation period

· 3 years from 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2018

2, Target

· Fuji-Q Highland Mobile mail magazine member

  • From September 2011, it was also targeted for smartphone users who registered as member with Docomo, AU, SoftBank carrier domain and e-mail address of @ domain.

  • It does not correspond to some models.

3, How to add points

· At the time of entering Fuji-Q Highland by presenting the mobile discount page to the person concerned Purchase the Tickets , 100Q (Q points) will be added at the entrance once.
· Free entrance due to invitation tickets etc., entry to the year passport will not add points.
· Even if points are not added, you can not apply for points in the past. Be sure to check on the day of your visit to the day and apply.

4, point benefits

★ Diamond member (5000 Q ~)
Benefit 1
Diamond members can also use general members and Member Privilege platinum.
Benefit 2
Screamer twice! You can ride two times on your favorite Attraction . (Only one Attraction once a day on a membership card present, one accompanying person can ride together)
Benefit 3
Free pass, Zekkyo Priority Ticket & Fujiyama hot spring exception ticket will be gifted when it is achieved 5000Q. (Posted at a later date)
Benefits 4
The free pass of the accompanying person is even more powerful.
"Companion (up to 5 people)" Adult 5,100 yen / junior high / high school student 4,600 yen / dwarf 3,900 yen
Benefit 5
FUJIYAMA ONSEN further discount adult (junior high school student or above) weekday 1,400 yen → 700 yen / soil holiday 1,700 yen → 850 yen
Benefits 6
You can experience one from the experience of shooting at the coaster and a special experience with Highlander.

★ Platinum member (1000 Q ~)
Benefit 1
For platinum members gold members, general Member Privilege are also available.
Benefit 2
Free pass and companion are good deals.
"The person himself / herself" Adult 4,300 yen / junior high / high school student 4,000 yen / dwarf 3,300 yen
"Companion (up to 1 person)" Adult 5,100 yen / junior high and high school student 4,600 yen / dwarf 3,900 yen
Benefit 3
Free pass & Zekkyo Priority Ticket will be given when you achieve 1000Q. (Posted at a later date)
Benefits 4
Fuji-Q Highland parking fee will be free. (Purchase of free pass is required)
Benefit 5
Adult (junior high school student and above) Weekday 1,400 yen → 700 yen / Saturday holiday 1,700 yen → 850 yen
Benefits 6
Skate rental shoes are free * Once a day only

★ Gold members (500 - 900 Q)
Benefit 1
Free pass is more powerful than general members!
Adult 4,300 yen / junior high / high school student 4,000 yen / dwarf 3,300 yen
* Applicable only to the gold members themselves.
※ There are other fun benefits in addition.
* Gold members can also use general Member Privilege .

★ General members (0 to 400 Q)
Benefit 1
Members only discount
Benefit 2
Children's tickets include goods gifts.
* Benefits 1 and 2 are common to personal computer Member Privilege .

·Prohibited matter
We can receive this service by the mail magazine member himself, and in any case can not transfer, sell, lend, etc. to a third party. In any case it is not possible to cash.

5, notes

  1. If you leave a mail magazine member, the point will be 0.

  2. For those who can not receive mail from Fuji-Q Highland to an error in the mail address and spam settings, if the state continues for a while, it is forced to withdraw. Therefore the point will automatically be annihilated, so please leave it ready to receive mail all the time.

  3. Implementation period of e-mail magazine member points is 1 above. It is as follows. Benefits are also valid only during the above period. However, for gift certificates acquired by diamond members and platinum members, you can use until the effective date stated on the ticket.

  4. Platinum membership Diamond Member Privilege and Annual Pass combination of the port can not be.

  5. As for the privilege, it may be unusable due to reasons such as the Opening Hours of the Attraction and the weather.

  6. The period of the membership points and benefits are subject to change without notice due to the reasons of the organizer.

  7. It does not correspond to some portable models.