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Exciting Cruise

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7月13日(土) リニューアルオープン

  • Refreshing points
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Usage criteria

Attraction that you can enjoy a bit of thrilling river slide while enjoying a peaceful countryside such as Trevor's Orchard. While riding in about 3 minutes, you can enjoy river sliding while swaying. From a four-seater boat, you can see the fisherman in the process of fishing.

Immediately after the highlight went up a small slope. Splashes will rise in front of you, making you feel refreshed.


Reproduce the country scenery of Sodou Island!

The Attraction which advances while seeing the country scenery of Sodou island which is the stage of Thomas the Tank Engine. You can also see the trees and orchards on board.
You can enjoy river slippage with a 4 - seater water coaster, and you will be enveloped in the feeling that it is "exhilarating" as its name suggests.

It's a water Attraction so it's cool and refreshing. On the way, when you go down the slope, the splash splashes and the children's laughter echoes.