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Everybody Twist

  • Family Rides

7月13日(土) リニューアルオープン

  • Nico Nico Point
  • Rotation point
  • Healing point


Riding capacity


Time required


Height Restriction


Age Restriction


Rotate while slowly turning left and right


Usage criteria

“ Everybody Twist ” in the middle of Thomas Land is an Attraction that rides around Thomas and friends around the engine room. In addition to Thomas, Percy, Toby, Mavis, Bill and Ben are waiting for everyone. When the call for departure is over, the dance time starts!

It is an Attraction that can be ride in the rain, regardless of the weather, so if you want to feel happy, let's go for a “ Everybody Twist ”! Who are your favorite Comics Characters you want to dance with?


Let's dance with your favorite Comics Characters!

When the vehicle to ride is decided from Armstrong Thomas and Nakamasu, start of dance time! Let's clap hands, hit tambourine, get together!

" Everybody Twist " is an Attraction for rainy weather. Even if the weather is bad, if you get excited with Thomas and the Nakama, you feel good all the time!