There is only one Museum world that reproduces the original studio.

Family Rides

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65歳以上利用可 雨天時利用可 足に障がいのある方も利用可


" Museum " information

Gaspard and Lisa Town Shops is in the 2F of the Museum is, Gaspard and Lisa of there is only one in the world Museum. Although it is a small and pretty Museum it has a wealth of valuable materials that are records of the creations of the original authors, Anne and Georg (picture books and sketches translated in various countries).

Museum, there is an introduction panel of the Comics Characters that appear, a space where the original authors Anne and Georg are introduced, and the studio is reproduced.

There is also a "mini theater" where you can see special interviews with the original authors Ann, Georg, and the world's first publicly released animated image images, so please enjoy it as well.


How to enjoy the Museum

Exhibit carefully selected "valuable materials"

We carefully select and display "one in the world" materials such as sketch drawings and production memos with stories.

What kind of scene is "Lisa and Gaspard" produced? In order to respond to the feelings of such fans, there is a space that reproduces the original studio Anne and the atelier of Georg.

Also a mini theater!

We have an interview with the original authors Ann and Georg and a mini theater where you can appreciate new animation. As time permits, please enjoy.