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Commemorative photo with my favorite friends!

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  • Thomas Land
  • Available for 65 years and older
  • Available in rainy weather
  • Also available for people with foot disabilities


Thomas Land is full of Monument Thomas and friends!

The symbol in the middle of Thomas Land is "Thomas Monument". You can play in the driver's seat and play a whistle. Cross over the bridge to the water and green theme zone and you will be greeted by "Percy Monument". Let's go to meet James after playing in the three-dimensional maze "Thomas Circus". The sign of "James Monument" is a shiny red body! There is Thomas with giraffe in front of you.

In addition to Thomas Land fun in the Monument lots it is! If you find "Nagai no Taki", send an ale to Toby who is about to be swept over the waterfall. There is a rumor that there is a “mysterious secret” in the cave behind the waterfall…


I can meet lots of Thomas' s best friends!

Thomas Land has a lot of Thomas friends. Monument, which is large and powerful, is very popular as an Instagram spot. Why do not you take a lot of memorable souvenir photos?

In "Thomas Monument " you can sit in the driver's seat and ring the whistle to play. Take a commemorative photo and look for a way to play.