Thomas Station Shop

Only you can buy here "Limited goods are enriched!

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" Thomas Station Shop " information

■ Opening Hours : According to THOMAS LAND 's Opening Hours

Thomas Station Shop which arranges many limited Thomas' goods which can only be purchased here. Boasting an extensive collection of masterpieces of 800 species, of which about 150 are THOMAS LAND limited goods! There are so many seasonal items, so surely you can find your favorite items!

The best sales 3 are " THOMAS LAND Bath Can Mix Biscuit" (1510 yen), "Thomas Box Chocolate Marshmallow" (790 yen), " THOMAS LAND Print Languedocia" (720 yen) in order.

The shop is located at the exit "Thomas and Percy's Fun Ride" and you can shop while you are immersed in the world of Sodou Island.


How to enjoy " Thomas Station Shop "

Enhanced limited goods

THOMAS LAND addition to Thomasland's limited straps and sweets, limited items that can only be purchased here are enriched. That number, about 150 species. There are also seasonal goods, so repeaters who regularly carry their feet will also come on!