Souvenir shop

FUJI Hidden Leaf Village Many original goods!


"Souvenir shop" information

Souvenir shop attached to 3D Shooting Ride "Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage 3D Shooting Ride".
FUJI Hidden Leaf Village There are many original goods, so don't miss it!
In addition, the mystery solving rally that will be conducted in the park will be sold here.

Kintaro Ame Set / Acrylic Stand Ball Chain / Folding Fan / Muffler Towel / Fan / Hooded Bath Towel and Mt. Fuji in a bag with Naruto and other members of the 7th group chatting with each other. We are doing it.


Way of enjoying "souvenir shop"

Many original goods that can only be obtained here!

Souvenir shop at the exit of the “ Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage 3D Shooting Ride ”.
One after another original goods that can only be bought here! !


Seventh Hokage Court

The staff is also wearing!
You are now part of Hokage.

Neck warmer (reversible)

Orange and black reversible.
Simple design that can be used everyday!

Memo with measure

A note in the basin!
You can use it as a measure when you have finished using notes!

Flat cap

Flat cap in the image of a forehead!

coin purse

Coin case inspired by the wallet used by Naruto!

Acrylic stand with ball chain "BORUTO"

Fuji-Q Highland Original written new design all four

Sneaker socks

Kintaro Set

With the image of a rose Konohagakure Village 2 types of images