Jikyudo Drugstore

Please do not laugh at horror items

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" Jikyudo Drugstore " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

In addition to super- Horror goods of the longest & most terrible Horror house ever "horrible Screamer · shivering labyrinth Skeleton Haunted House " 」, it is a Shops selling royal pictures in the hall.

When entering the store, Horror goods line up, selling "Terrible Labyrinth" original T-shirt, T-shirt which bleeds blood when you want to flash the camera, T-shirt where eyes move when holding the smartphone. Some laughable Horror goods as well.

I am going to recommend you to purchase "glowing amulet" for you who are scared.


How to enjoy " Jikyudo Drugstore "

Laugh not Horror item, multiple-!

It is a Shops that has gachinko type Horror goods. We sell carefully selected goods that can not be laughed at laughter.
When entering the shop with tension that makes it brown only to shops that sell related goods, the spirit may come along !?


Breasts pudding

Shivering labyrinth photo