Jikdo pharmacy

Have a Horror attraction item that can't laugh


" Jikyudo Drugstore " information

Opening Hours: dependent upon the opening hours of Fuji-Q Highland

This shop sells super and Horror attraction goods from the longest and most feared Horror attraction house in history, "Shrill Attraction and Dreadful Labyrinth-Bloody Human Bones Ward-", as well as radiographs inside the museum.

When you enter the store, you will Horror attraction goods, such as the original T-shirt, the T-shirt that oozes blood when you hit the camera flash, and the T-shirt that moves your eyes when you hold your smartphone. There are some Horror attraction goods that can make you laugh.

I am going to recommend you to purchase "glowing amulet" for you who are scared.


How to enjoy " Jikyudo Drugstore "

Lots of Horror attraction items that can't laugh!

This is a shop that offers a wide variety of Horror attraction goods. We sell carefully selected goods that cannot be laughed.
When entering the shop with tension that makes it brown only to shops that sell related goods, the spirit may come along !?


Breasts pudding

Shivering labyrinth photo