The Criteria of Riding Attraction

The Criteria of Riding Attraction

Fuji-Q Highland has established usage standards for each Attraction order to protect customers' safety.

【About the use of Attraction 】
· For each Attraction , we have established certain usage criteria based on height, age, health condition, disability contents, etc. so that our customers can enjoy it safely.
Please contact the staff concerning the usage criteria for each Attraction and the characteristics of the Attraction .
Depending on the situation, we may refuse to use at the judgment of staff. Please be forewarned.
· When you need support when using it, we ask for support from the attendant.
· Depending on age, height, health condition, disability content, you can not use it if you can sit alone on the vehicle and you can not maintain a stable posture.
· Children of preschool children (over 1 year old) need attendants when using Attraction .
* It is a person who is a mentally and physically healthy junior high school student (12 years old and over) who is clearing the height restriction with the attendant.

[Information for Customers with Disabilities]
- For people with disabilities, those who are pregnant, those of elderly, those who temporarily have decreased body function, so that you can enjoy Fuji-Q Highland ,
We are offering special rates.
・ Please feel free to Contact Us staff member when you need help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the staff.

【About Emergency】
· When evacuating in case of emergency, it is necessary to raise / lower the emergency stairs by self-standing walking, self-standing walking in a narrow passage, walking for a long time
Attraction You may need to wait inside the vehicle. We may also ask you to evacuate by the attendant's support.
* Independent gait is that walking by one person is possible without support of the attendant.
· Those who can not evacuate even with ancillary assistance in case of emergency can not be used.
· Each emergency departure method will be different for each Attraction , so each staff will explain.

Service Guide

Service List provided on Fuji-Q Highland and usage criteria.